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Verification and approval process for new customers in the motan group Online Shop

A two-level verification and approval process has been defined to allow you to view and order goods in the motan group Online Shop.

To trigger this, you must create a new customer account under „Create an account”. The subsequent process is as follows:


Level 1: You verify your e-mail address

You must verify your e-mail address during registration. This is necessary to allow us to ensure that your e-mail address does really exist.

Level 2: Approval from the motan group Online Shop

Once you have registered and verified your e-mail address, we will check your customer account and activate it after the successful check for the motan group Online Shop.


Please note that the motan group Online Shop is exclusively a business-to-business (B2B) online shop.



If you have any queries, or should anything be unclear, please use our contact form or contact:

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Mail: shop@motan.com

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